Monday, November 14, 2011

Professional Endorsements

It is our hope that our online courses will help responsible adults protect the most vulnerable in their communities. So, we're proud when we get favorable reviews from professionals who've taken "Report Child Abuse" and "Detecting Predators."

Here are a few of their comments:
"I am very impressed with this course. As a sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE-RN) I have had extensive training in abuse of all types in pediatric patients and found this course incredible impressive and thorough. Great job!" (J.S.)
"Great job...having been a law enforcement officer investigating crimes against children, I found this to be pretty thorough and informative." (C.W.)
"I have participated in other trainings on the protection of children & prevention of child abuse/neglect (as a camp counselor, athletic director for a K-12 school, and a state employee), and this training is certainly one of the best." (M.T.)
"I have worked in the health field for 30 years, Emergency Room and Health Department. Have taken many classes on this subject, but this course was the best I have ever seen. Very well put together, lots of great scenarios." (M.S.)
"I am a prosecutor who specialized in sexual abuse for many years. I found this to be extremely accurate and helpful. I was surprised at how thorough the training was and realistic. (E.C.)